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If you are a counselor-in-training or a mental health professional committed to building your clinical skills, I provide training and supervision in small group and individual formats. I identify with an integrative supervision model with a constructivist approach to take into consideration context and individual differences in counselors, clients, and situations. 



I provide consultation services to mental health agencies and healing-focused professions who want to develop their programs. Topics I address focus on wellness promotion, creativity in counseling, vicarious trauma and burnout in the field, cultivating Post-Traumatic Growth in your clients, and trauma-informed care. I can also assist with website development and other marketing goals. Additionally, if you are a physician, educator, coach, clergy member or other professional working with individuals facing mental heath challenges, I can provide consultation services to address how you may be helpful in his or her life. 



If you are seeking a speaker with expertise in complex trauma, relationships, life adjustment and transitions, creativity, wellness, toxic relationships, or other issues relating to mental health, I can provide those services. I have extensive exerience presenting at conferences and facilitating workshops across the world. 



I am a dedicated proponent of graduate and undergraduate education in the counseling and human services field. Courses taught include theories, techniques, marriage and family, assessment and diagnosis, human development, and more. My pedagogical philosophy incorporates student involvement in all aspects of their learning. I encourage student engagement in scholarly readings, classroom discussions, topic facilitation, creative and experiential activities, individual and group projects, case illustrations, and role-playing. Incorporating a constructivist and social-cognitive approach, my primary teaching objective is for students to embody the material through creative and process-centered classroom involvement, relevant and reinforcing homework assignments, and realistic application of knowledge and skills. 



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