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Laura Anne Copley, Ph.D., LPC

     Director of Aurora Counseling & Well-Being

     Trauma Specialist


I am deeply moved by stories of the hero's journey.

My fascination has taken me on a journey from across the world and back to my hometown, encountering people with inspiring stories of bravery, strength, and triumph. This immersion in others' resiliency stories has influenced my growth both personally and professionally. 


As a Doctor in Counseling and a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have focused on developing my skills as a competent counselor, educator, researcher, supervisor, and advocate. I earned my Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from The Pennsylvania State University, a consistently nationally ranked program and Research One Institution that emphasizes clinical mental health and multiculturalism. In 2014, I recieved an Emerging Leader Award and was recognized at the American Counseling Association (ACA) annual conference in Hawaii for my counseling and advocacy efforts. My involvements with ACA also includes my leadership role as the social networking coordinator for the International Counseling Interest Network. My work has taken me from The States, to countries including Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, and Italy.

Unearthing your strengths and resilience is at the core of what I do.

I specialize in trauma-informed therapy and post-traumatic growth, receiving my certificate in trauma treatment at The Institute for Advanced Training in Psychotherapy and Education. I pursue continuing education in interpersonal neurobiology, relationships and attachment, and evidenced-based approaches to trauma treatment. My extensive training along with my unique captivation with my clients' life stories foster a therapeutic experience that is meaningful and transformative. Your life has many exciting opportunities to explore and potential roads to travel. I am ready to embark on this new experience with you, and look forward to working together to unearth the path that leads you to happiness and self-actualization. 

I am an ardent believer in self-care and the pursuit of well-being. In my personal life, I seek a balance with my own self-care regimen that promotes restoration and rejuvenation. Jovi is my sunshine dog, and she is central to my self-care. Hot tubs are the best. I also love outlets for creative expression, including dance and fire baton twirling. I enjoy traveling and immersing myself in different countries' cities, histories, cuisines, and cultural traditions. Finally, and most importantly, I love spending quality time and sharing my life journey with my loved ones. My friends and family are a constant resource of love and support, and I value their role in my personal growth. These are the things that promote happiness in my life. As part of our work together, we will also explore your personal self-care and work toward achieving balance in your own life. 

Aurora Counseling, Harrisonburg Counselor

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